SpecBIM - Revit Integration

Pass data from the model to the spec book

Eliminate manual counts and data inaccuracies between the Revit model and the Specsources spec book.
SpecBIM is an Add-in for Autodesk Revit.*

Seamlessly pass the Control #, Area, Location and Qty from the Revit model into the spec book.

Pass any Revit parameter into Specsources. Ideal for government work..

Create a virtual Room Type and copy the contents to any other Revit Room without weighing down the drawing with hundreds of actual objects. Ideal for hospitality.

Compatible with Revit 2009-2019.

*Specsources Professional must be purchased to use SpecBIM.

Specsources Professional

an incredible time saver

The leading FF&E spec writing software for hospitality, commercial and healthcare interior design.


Save hours, days, even weeks of time compared to your current furniture specification process.



August 3, 2018

Specsources Launches V5 for both Pro and SpecBIM

Specsources has just launched Version 5 of its popular FF&E specification writing software. “We feel this is the most advanced spec writing software ever developed for the hospitality, corporate, healthcare and education interior design industry.” said Wade Ballance. New features include: Faster and easier to use interface. Streamlined adding Areas/Locations function. Improved search tools. Improved submittal tracking. More Printing options. Specsources has also released a new version of SpecBIM, it’s Revit Add-in.  SpecBIM allows the user to sync data between Revit and the Specsources Spec Book. New features include: Faster data syncing with Specsources. Streamlined syncing interface. Image support in Sync grid and ability to pass images to Specsources. Support for Design Options. Specsources Labels can now be passed into Revit parameters. Specsources will begin rolling out both versions to clients beginning August 1st.
August 1, 2015

Specsources Selected as the FF&E Software for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves Stadiums

ATLANTA, GA – Specsources, Inc. a leading provider of FF&E software for hospitality, corporate and healthcare interior design specification writing is now being used for furniture specification on BOTH major stadium projects in Atlanta. Specsources spec writing software along with its Revit integration is being used by multiple interior design firms to manage the FF&E portions of the projects.    
February 28, 2015

Specsources V4 Goes Live

ATLANTA, GA – Specsources, a leading provider of FF&E spec writing software for the hospitality, corporate and healthcare interior design industry announced today that it has launched Version 4 of its popular software. V4 marks the company’s largest release since its inception with dozens of new features as well as an improved user experience. Video demos and more details will be released via the website shortly.