Specsources Updates SpecCAD, SpecBIM and SpecAEC Products
September 21, 2012
Specsources Adds Virtual Copy to SpecBIM
May 29, 2014

Specsources Updates SpecCAD, SpecBIM and SpecAEC Products

ATLANTA, GA – Specsources, Inc., a leading provider of interior design FF&E software, announced today that it has launched a new update of its SpecBIM tool, which is now compatible with Autocad and Revit Architecture 2009-2014.​

All of Specsources’ plug-ins allow for passing of data from the Autocad / Revit drawing into Specsources FF&E spec writing software.

Other features have recently been added that allow for better visualization of counts throughout the Autocad and Revit plans, as well as allowing for more item number formats when passing information to our FF&E software.

About Specsources​

Specsources, Inc. is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides a complete front to back furniture specification and project collaboration tool for the interior design industry. For additional information on Specsources, Inc., visit their web site at www.specsources.com or call 404-478-7809.