FF&E Spec Writing Software

About Us: A Powerful Tool for the Interior Design Industry


Founded in 1999, Specsources FF&E software was developed to provide the interior designer with a set of tools to allow them to work more efficiently. Since then, our spec writing software has been used by thousands of interior designers, including some of the largest firms in the industry.

Specsources has been used to manage specification data on projects ranging in size from a small office to millions of square feet.

Spec Writing Simplified

Specsources interior design software is ideal for any size firm that needs a simple and easy way to manage their furniture spec writing process.

Using Specsources, the designer can electronically create specification sheets and collaborate with their colleagues, all in a secure environment.

Custom Spec Sheets

Want to keep your current spec sheet design - no problem. That's why we offer customization of the final spec book deliverable to meet your firm's design requirements.

​​Save Time and Money

You will be amazed how much faster you can create accurate specifications. Faster and more accurate spec writing saves your firm time and money.

That's why we're here.